Don’t Rush Life

ace ventura road rageI had this post up awhile back but feel it’s worth it to keep the shout out alive. I DEFINITELY had a karma attack while speeding (yes I don’t always drive like a grandpa believe it or not…) and got pulled over, duh. BAM!! $190 bucks just like that.

I tried to argue with the officer that I was just going with the flow of traffic but it didn’t hold up. However I called up a ticket fixing company at Ticket Reducer as their office was close to where I was staying and they helped me get my ticket fixed and at least knocked off about $50 after I paid them for their service. It obviously wasn’t free but hey anything helps.

Here’s the focus I carry with me going forward: how to drive more calmly. Right? Road rage is, admittedly, a source of stress for me. I found this article to be pretty handy at times when I need to step back, relax, and take a deep breath.

So my takeaway –
1. Don’t handle legal issues on your own!

2. Relax, and try not to be in a hurry all the time. It will catch up to you 😛


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Simple General Life Pro Tips

life pro tipsNow that my blog here has been de-hacked and brought back to life, I feel like slapping on another little bonus post here for some pretty decent Life Pro Tips I’ve actually used for several different things in my life.
check it out

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How to protect your WordPress blog

I do stupid thingsFor a blog about learning lessons in life and doing things a better way, let this first post directly show you what I’m talking about.

This isn’t the first post that’s been on this blog. The first post I did months ago, but I have to RE-POST, from scratch, because my blog GOT HACKED, and I didn’t take care of it the right way! …. I lost everything.

So here’s how to make sure your WordPress blog is safe, and if the worst happens, you won’t worry so much because you’ll have backup files.

  1. Install a security plugin! I recommend Wordfence or All In One Security. These free plugins have some great features, but are also a bit heavy on your site (meaning slower load times). That being said, I think they’re great. At the very least, make sure you limit your login attempts with a plugin – this will restrict hacker-bots from cracking your password and entering your site from the front end.
  2. Use a backup program. There’s plenty out there, but the main difference will be how your backups are timed, stored, and then how backups are implemented. I like to use Duplicator. Duplicator is basically a 1 button click that backs up your WordPress files as well as database (read here about the difference between the 2!) and creates a single zip file that can restore your whole site in (basically) a couple keystrokes.The other backup programs typically make backups of your WordPress files and database and then either store the files in a cloud program (Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP) or you can store them locally as well.Take some time and research what plugins/programs work best for you but GET A SECURITY PLUGIN, AND A BACKUP SOLUTION. Period.


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